ALUCON Public Company Limited listed on the security Exchange of Thailand is the largest producer in Asia of aluminium impact extruded packaging materials, with an annual capacity of over 1.2 billion pieces produced on 35 complete production lines.

The Company was established in 1961. Its products are exported to about 40 countries with the largest markets being Japan, Australia, USA, Indonesia and South Africa. 

High Speed Aerosol Can Production Line.
High Speed Tube Production Line.
High Speed Slug Production Line.

         Only high purity aluminium ingot imported from primary producers, is used in the production of Alucon's slugs. The slug production process involves the use of aluminium melting furnaces, holding furnaces, automatic continuous strip casting machines, hot and cold rolling mills, automatic slug punching presses, annealing ovens, slug vibrators and inspection lines.

         The annual capacity of 48,000 tons of slugs, is produced in more than 200 standard sizes. About 30% of the aluminium slugs produced are used by the Company's factories and the other 70% of our slug production is mostly exported.

         The operations of ALUCON are fully integrated as the Company operates two aluminium casting lines which produce the intermediate material required for the production of aluminium impact extruded containers. Alucon also manufacture their own plastic caps, for use with their aluminium tubes and all tooling for their extruded containers as well as most spare parts.