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      In 1961 Alucon was established by Mr. H W Schneider and a small group of Thai investors, to produce aluminium collapsible tubes.

Alucon Sriracha
Can and Tube Plant Sriracha.
      Alucon's factories are situated in Bangkok and Sriracha, 110 km east of Bangkok. The Bangkok factory has an area of 13,472 square meters and produces collapsible tubes. The Sriracha factory has an area of 376,400 square meters and produces aluminium slugs, monobloc aerosol cans, felt pen bodies, rigid wall containers, and collapsible tubes.
Slug Plant Sriracha.

1961.   Alucon was established
1962.   Alucon started the first aluminium collapsible tube production in Thailand.
1969.   Exports were started.
1985.   The factory was expanded. Two aluminium monobloc aerosol can production lines
           were installed and aluminium aerosol can production started.
1989.  - Alucon's aluminium slug factory and a new monoblock aerosol can factory were
           established in Sriracha.
          - Alucon became a public listed company with a 24 million baht capital investment and

             its shares traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
1995.   Alucon entered into a joint venture with Takeuchi Press Industries Co., Ltd of Japan.
           Slug factory was expanded with capacity of 10,000 tons per year.
2000.   ISO9002: 1994 certified.
2002.   Aluminium tube factory with clean room facilities was established in Sriracha.
2003.   ISO9001: 2000 certified.
2004.   The tube plant in Sriracha was GMP certified by BVQI.
2008.   Slug production capacity increased to 24,000 ton per year.
2009.   High-end new aerosol line for bigger diameter cans, was installed and equipped with an
           ironing machine Frattini’s double necker(56stations) and a post washer.

2011.   Aerosol can factory building (No.8) completed with full GMP facilities.

2013.   18th aerosol line (200cpm) in Alucon started production.
           line for hair color No.2 tube was installed, and started production in December.
2014.   16th aluminium tube line (180tpm) started production, which has seven color printing
           machine, print inspection facility, and auto packing machine.

           19th aerosol can line(200cpm) with 2 nine color printing machines was installed and
           started production.

 Can and Tube Plant Sumrong.

Alucon now(Dec, 2017) has 34 complete production lines as following in operation;        
          Tube line                   15 lines    
          Aerosol can line         17 lines    
          Felt pen body line      2 lines
Annual production in 2017 (million tubes/cans):      
          Tubes                        370 (for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, glues, toothpastes)   
          Aerosol cans              281 (for deodorants, hair-care products, perfumes)
          Felt pen bodies          116 (for stationeries)     
          Total                         767 million pieces
          Slug production         38,877 tons
Total revenue:                     6,281 million baht
Number of employees (as of end 2017): Total 1,454
          - Head office and Bangkok factory : 409
          - CPS (Can Plant Sriracha) and  TPS(Tube Plant Sriracha) : 776
          - SPS (Slug Plant Sriracha) : 269